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About Greg & Tim

Greg Blake 

Greg has spent over 25 years in real estate related disciplines with an emphasis in residential and commercial sales; including sales and marketing of over one billion dollars of second home and resort projects. He succeeds with an entrepreneurial approach backed by persistent, principled, performance. His experience and insight can help you avoid costly mistakes. 

Tim Smith 

Consistently recognized as one of the top real estate agents in the world; Tim's unmatched skill and market knowledge have led to over $5 billion in career sales. Buyers, sellers, and investors trust him to guide them through every step of the real estate process. His advice and counsel will prove invaluable to you in reaching your real estate dreams as well. 

Books Authored By Greg Blake & Tim Smith

Selling For More

It’s true! Every day homes sell for WAY less than they should. It makes us cringe to see how many mistakes people make when selling. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great if you’re a buyer. However, if you’re a seller every mistake can cost thousands of dollars.

For decades, wealthy homeowners have been selling homes the right way. Think about it for a minute… if you’re selling a 10 million dollar home, a 1% increase in the sales price equals an extra $100,000!

Affluent sellers do what it takes to get top dollar for their homes. Normal sellers don’t seem to take selling as seriously (We have no clue why?) and normally don’t do what is necessary to get top dollar. If you use the right home selling strategies you can make at least 50-100k more when selling a $1,000,000 home.

You can get a copy of this book absolutely free. Why are we giving it away for free? It is because we know that the strategies revealed in our book can make you enough extra money to send your kid to college, buy a new car, or do a nice remodel on your next home.

What are you waiting for? Click on the button below to claim your free copy of our book now... 

Why Your Home Won't Sell And What To Do About It

Have you ever heard of an “unsellable home”? There’s no such thing… when a home doesn’t sell it can normally be tracked back to a simple mistake (or two) that could have been easily avoided.

The common myth that some people may want you to believe is that the price is the reason why a home isn’t selling. Of course, you could sell any home if you gave it away but that’s not the point here. The point is “the price” normally is NOT the reason that homes don’t sell.

We meet homeowners every day who have had someone give them bad advice and try to convince them that “you just need to drop the price and your home will sell”... We’re tired of people thinking that dropping the price is the only way to sell a hard to sell home. This is such a common issue that we wrote a book about how to solve it!

In our book about the Formula to Selling ANY Home, we reveal how to get hard to sell homes sold for top dollar fast. Our goal with this book is to give you the information you need to look at the problems first and the price last.

Of course, at times, when all of the problems that have caused a home not to sell have been fixed, a price adjustment may be needed, if the home is still not moving. But the price is NOT what we start with, unless everything else is perfect (which rarely happens).

In our book, we talk a lot about the best pricing strategies because so many people blame the price for a home not selling. We have an entire section that breaks down the best pricing strategies so that you can check it against what you have been doing to get your home sold.

To see why your home hasn’t sold and to learn how to fix it please claim a copy of our free book. We guarantee that you will find it full of valuable strategies for getting your home sold for more money faster.

For Sale By Owner

Selling your home without the help of an agent can be more work and have much more detail than people think. But we’re not here to convince you out of it, just to help.

Owners make mistakes that cost them a whole lot of money all the time. This book we wrote will guide you through the entire process and walk you through each and every step of how to sell by yourself. From writing a contract to negotiating to the proper way to stage and make your home appealing, we want to see you be successful in your sale.

When you sell your home for the best possible price, it helps us because it keeps the comps high. It bothers us to see homeowners get less money than they deserve. If you are selling your home alone, claim our free By Owner Guide to make sure that you get top dollar.

How To Buy The Right Home For The Right Price

We wrote this guide so you will have everything you need in order to make the right purchase on your home, and for the right price. We hear so many stories of people moving into a house that had thousands of dollars in damages they were unaware about.

Things like this happen too often. Negotiating mistakes where the buyer or their agent let it slip how big their budget is, and it ends up costing them. In the book we’ll go through the best ways to weigh out your wants against your needs. There’s also everything else from inspections, shopping for a loan, the closing process and much more.

It even starts with extensive guide to real estate agents and realtors, detailing everything they do (or should do). Claim your free book now and start getting prepared to start your home search.

Best Home Selling Strategies In A Divorce

Going through a divorce is a tough time for both parties. It leaves so many questions about what to do with the house. We wrote this book to help couples in this situation and guide them on the best ways to deal with their house. You hear so many stories about fighting, problems and unfair distributions.

This will answer all those questions and more. It covers the implications of going to court over the house, things to know, dealing with uncooperative spouses and everything else to get you through this.

Don’t let a situation in which you want to sell your home quickly or cash out with your spouse as fast as possible cost you thousands of dollars. Get your free copy of the book now.

The Best Improvements To Improve Your Home's Value

Homeowners are putting money into their homes and making improvements or renovations all the time. But many times, they put money into project and parts that won’t garner a return on their investment.

Find out which improvements are the best to make to boost your home’s value and find out which ones won’t be worth it. Get your free copy of the book now.